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Repeat photography of Tsegi Canyon, Laguna Creek, northern Arizona

Detailed Description

This repeat photographic series was taken in Tsegi Canyon, at Laguna Creek, northern Arizona, just north of Rt 160. The original photograph was taken by J.J. Hanks in 1927 and is courtesy of Cline Library Special Collections, Northern Arizona University (NAU).  J.J. Hanks took hundreds of photographs during expeditions across the Navajo Reservation while he was a college student. The full Hanks archive is available from Arizona Archives Online, NAU, James J. Hanks Collection, 1916-1991. ​The second and third images are B/W and color matches of the 1927 photograph, and were taken in 2005 by Dr. Robert Webb, USGS. This series of photographs is from the SBSC’s Southwest Repeat Photography Collection, stake (camera point) s4821.


Public Domain.