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A USGS guide for finding and interpreting high-water marks (AD)

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

High-water marks provide valuable data for understanding recent and historical flood events. The proper collection and recording of high-water mark data from perishable and preserved evidence informs flood assessments, research, and water resource management. This video provides guidance for skilled high-water mark identification, including marks left behind in natural and man-made environments by tranquil and rapid flowing water. Additionally, this video also presents pitfalls and challenges associated with various types of flood evidence that help hydrographers identify the best high-water marks and assess the uncertainty associated with a given mark. Proficient high-water mark data collection contributes to better understanding of the flooding process and reduces risk through greater ability to estimate flood probability.

For a more detailed explanation of these methods be sure to read the Techniques and Methods Manual: “Identifying and preserving high-water mark data” in the link below.




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