Acoustic Doppler Measurement from a Cableway

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USGS Hydrologist Liam Schenk measures sediment transport using an acoustic doppler instrument suspended from a cableway downstream from Fall Creek Reservoir. Reservoir was drawn down to purge sediment and trapped fish from behind dam in December 2012.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:02:03

Location Taken: Fall Creek, OR, US


(Can you bring it a little closer to the truck? It says, 'High magnetic interference.')

Should I go to the parking lot?

It�s probably fine. Just do it right here.

Ok. Got it.

(Have you had any of these ADCP Measurements, Liam?)

Not from a cableway.

(From a bridge, though?)


(No that's fine. Leave it out just a hair-little more. That's good.)

Right there. That should do it. 

And it doesn't look like it's picking up out of the water. So that's good.