Addition Construction Update 8-29-94

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Detailed Description

A video form 1994 outlining the USGS EROS building addition.


Image Dimensions: 320 x 240

Date Taken:

Length: 00:11:46

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US




[Loud machine sounds]

[Loud machine sounds and beeping]

[Loud machine sounds]

[Engine noises]

[Machine sounds and wind]

[Beeping, machine sounds,
and inaudible speaking]

[Beeping and machine sounds]

[Loud machine sounds]

[Machine sounds and beeping]

[Machine sounds]

[Machines muffled by wind]

[Machine sounds]

- We've got four of the small ones
that size and then four of the big ones,

like those out there on that pallet
with those big studs in them.

- Get placed along this wall also.

[Engine sounds]

[Loud machine sounds and banging]

[Loud machine sounds]

[Machine sounds muffled by wind]

[Loud machine sounds]

[Machine sounds]