Adhesion and Cohesion of Water

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Adhesion and Cohesion are water properties that affect how water interacts with itself and with other things like leaves and even you! This video briefly talks about these two amazing properties of water.


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Cohesion and adhesion are two water properties that describe how water molecules interact with each other and how water molecules interact with other things like leaves or even you!

Cohesion means that water likes to stick to itself and adhesion means that water likes to stick to other things.

This image shows both cohesion and adhesion at work. Adhesion is what makes the water droplet stick to the stem of the flower and cohesion or water wanting to stick to itself is what forms the water droplet.

You can also see in this image that gravity is working against adhesion to try and pull the water droplet to the ground!

So… Why is water so sticky?

Water molecules are bent so the hydrogen atoms are to one side of the oxygen atom. This leaves a negative charge on the oxygen side and a positive charge on the hydrogen side and when it come to molecules opposites attract. A bond forms between the negative side of one water molecule and the positive side of another. At that is what gives water its stickiness.

The information used to make this video can be found on the USGS ‘Water Science School’ web page under ‘Water Properties’, ‘Adhesion and Cohesion of Water’.