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Animation of a Scenario M6.9 Earthquake on the Rose Canyon Fault

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Detailed Description

This video presents an animation of computer-simulated ground motions that might occur for a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rupturing the Rose Canyon fault in southern California. The scenario earthquake ruptures a 65-km-long section of the Rose Canyon fault that lies just offshore of San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico. In this scenario, the rupture starts near the northern end of the fault and propagates to the south. The simulation uses a three-dimensional model of the earth’s crust to track the rupture, as well as to model the seismic waves that are radiated into the surrounding rocks. This simulation highlights the complex nature of seismic waves that are created during fault rupture, including the strong rupture directivity effects that would impact the densely populated areas near San Diego and Tijuana.




Public Domain.