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Animation of Ridgecrest Foreshock Seq up to M7.1 (Prelim. Results)

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Detailed Description

This animation shows preliminary results from precise relocation of the Ridgecrest foreshock sequence, up to the the time of occurrence of the M 7.1 mainshock.  The animation begins in a map view and then transitions into a rotating vertical slice.  Earthquakes are colorcoded by time of occurrence, with early events in dark blue and later events (up to the M 7.1) in dark red.  Larger magnitude events are shown with larger circle size.  The earthquake locations show the two nearly perpendicular faults that were likely ruptured in the M 6.4 foreshock.  "Holes" in the seismicity distribution (seen on both fault segments) might indicate areas of larger slip during the M 6.4 event.  Activity apparently increased near the northern extent of rupture (yellow, orange, and red events) several hours prior to the M 7.1 mainshock, which initiated nearby (large dark red circle).




Public Domain.