Awareness: USGS "Water-on-the-Go" Mobile App (Texas)

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The USGS Texas Water Science Center has developed a new mobile application called “Water On-the-Go” that gives people easy access to current conditions in streams across Texas. The information reflects what is happening in streams near you at that very moment. Go to -- -- to see where waters are rising and how current conditions are changing around you.


“Floating Cities” Written by Kevin MacLeod Performed by Kevin MacLeod Accessible at Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 


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Length: 00:00:54

Location Taken: TX, US

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Content Consultant: Daniel Pearson, USGS


[lonely music]

[heavy rain sound]


Floods kill about 80 people in the U.S. each year [lightning sound]

Nearly half of the deaths are in Texas

[car horn unlocking]

Over 60% of people die within a vehicle

[dog bark]

Know what streams are doing before you go [unlocks phone]

[Water-on-the-Go webpage on screen]

Be safe.

Be smart.


Water On-the-Go

Mobile app for viewing streaming conditions in Texas

Get it today at the link below