C2 East Transect – 2011

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Detailed Description

Permanent Site: C2 East Transect; Depth: 16.5 Meters (Feet 54); Distance from river mouth: 0.7 Kilometers (0.4 Miles); Pre/Post Dam Removal: 1 month pre-dam removal; Lat/Long: 48.147841,-123.57596074; Site Description: One of our deepest sites. Mainly sand with small amounts of gravel. Numerous species of seaweeds are present throughout entire transect but growth is smaller than at our shallower sites. Small bull kelp Nereocystis luetkeana is seen (0:29, 1:11 seconds). Featherduster tubeworms are abundant, mainly Eudistylia vancouveri (0:32 seconds), Eudistylia polymorpha, and Schizobranchia insignis (0:40 seconds). Other invertebrates seen on video: small unknown hermit crab (0:54 seconds), small unknown shrimp (1:52 seconds).


Date Taken:

Length: 00:02:18

Lat / Long: 48.147841000000 / -123.575960740000

Location Taken: US

Video Credits

Editor: Chloe Dawson
USGS Contact: Nancy Elder, Fishery Biologist, Marrowstone Marine Field Station, (nelder@usgs.gov)