CEOS Plenary 2017

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An invitation and introduction to the 2017 CEOS Plenary being held in the Black Hills near Rapid City, SD.


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Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US


Thanks to continued global
collaboration, we’ve seen

strong advancements in the
use of satellite earth

observations this past year.

We applaud the organizing
efforts that contributed

to the success of this
thirtieth CEOS plenary

and look to the future
with anticipation.

The host of the
thirty-first CEOS plenary

The United States of America.

The United States welcomes
the international community

to Rapid City,
South Dakota

A breathtaking gateway to
the wildlife and landscapes

of the iconic American west.

Our observations of the land
features around us, and its

change over time give us a
powerful insight into our

earth, it’s impact on us,
and our impact on it.

That is why we continue to
coordinate the global

efforts to document and
distribute information

about our changing planet.
Through ground, oceanic,

aerial and satellite
sources, we see the changes

that affect our own
resources, and those

around the globe.

Next year, in Rapid City,
we gather again to advance

CEOS’ shared mission,
drawing on the collective

wisdom and experience
of this community.

The United States proudly
invites the CEOS community

to Rapid City, South Dakota
for the 2017 CEOS plenary.