COP26-Communities on the Frontline-Jerilyn Kelly from Quinhagak, AK

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This video was prepared for Douglas Beard's presentation at COP26, Communities on the Frontline. Jerilyn Kelly, from Quinhagak, AK shares video and photographs from her community and some of the climate related challenges her community faces. She describes how erosion and permafrost degradation impact her community and their housing.


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Length: 00:03:03

Location Taken: Quinhagak, AK, US

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Michael DeLue, Jerilyn Kelly


What we're seeing here in Quinhagak for
the past decade or so is massive erosion

coming from our coast the coast of our community
to where we had to apply for funding to relocate

a few homes toward the center of our community.

So there was a few homes 
in this vicinity that were

that were moved inland and a
couple more homes that were

on the list to move from their locations

from upriver. So the massive erosion that's
been occurring has been very drastic.

Our lagoon is located toward
that end of our community

and a few miles down is the landfill.
Not only is erosion impacting our

community but the permafrost degradation is
also impacting our infrastructure as well.

Some of the homes that are built on the ground
because of the permafrost melting are sinking in.

For this particular house, last spring

we had a huge snowfall to where this home had
huge puddles of water in the porch due to the

the snow melting. Whereas our
more traditional homes are on 

pilings or stilts as similar to this house here.

Because of the type of water and sewer
system we have we constantly have to

level our houses about two times a year
so that the water and sewer system can

operate properly. A huge thank you to BIA,
APIA, USGS for educating our local leaders

with the knowledge and tools that we
need to collaborate with each other for

a hopeful future amid the current changes
that we're facing here today. Thank you.