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Deploying the Marine Sediment Sampler in Gulf of Mexico

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Detailed Description

Video of scientific and ship crew deploying a sediment trap in the Gulf of Mexico off of a research vessel. People seen in the video include Catilin Reynolds (USGS) in the red jacket, Eric Tappa (USC) in the gray long-sleeve shirt, and the 3 LUMCON crew Alex Ren in the long sleeve black coat, Rodney Redman in the blue long sleeve shirt and Mark McMullan in the short sleeve shirt.

0:00 The letters USGS and words science for a changing world appear in green and then fade to black.

0:05 Video facing the back of the boat from the 2^nd^level of the ship. The scientific and ship crew are untying lines in preparation to hoist the marine sediment sampler.

0:13 One boat crew member walks away from the back of the boat to go start the boat’s crane or A-frame that will be used to hoist the sampler.

0:20 The boat’s crane or A-frame starts to lift the sampler off the boat deck and into the air.

0:25 The crane moves forward so that the sampler is now swinging over the ocean water at the back of the boat.

0:33 The crane begins to lower the sampler towards the water.

0:39 The sampler enters the water

0:44 The boat crane or A-frame releases the sampler into the water.

0:48 The sampler disappears under the water.

0:50 Science crew motion to the ship crew that the sampler is in.

0:53 A Scientist ties lines used to help launch the sampler back to ship after the successful deployment of the marine sediment sampler.

0:58 The letters USGS and words science for a changing world appear in green and then fade to black.




Video is Public Doamin. All individual likenesses are used with permission.

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