The Essential Storm Drain Water Management

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Why storm drains are essential to watershed management.


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Location Taken: Chesapeake Bay, US

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Narration: Jake Massey


Storm drains are the metal grates often found at corners and on the sides of curbs and gutters. They are essential in preventing flooding by draining rainwater and melted snow off of the streets and paved surfaces. They are also the fastest way to remove water from developed urban areas.

Storm drains are designed to divert water from the streets. They drain directly untreated to a natural body of water and become dangerous water polluters when harmful substances from lawns and streets flow through them. During a rainfall, this “runoff” often contains potential pollutants such as sediment, nutrients from lawn fertilizers, bacteria from animal and human waste, pesticides, metals, and petroleum by-products from leaking vehicles can be harmful to plants, animals, and people.

Non-point source pollution from our homes and communities that enter our water resources through the storm drains have the potential to degrade water quality in the Chesapeake Bay. By following simple steps such as recycling used oil, the disposable of pet waste properly, and following the labeled instructions when using lawn care chemicals.

Watersheds sustain life, and proper watershed protection is essential in keeping hazardous pollutants out of our water.