Flood Measurement on Santa Cruz River (1993 and 2005)

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Two historic flood measurements are made on the Santa Cruz River in Tucson, Arizona for the 1993 and 2005 floods.


Date Taken:

Location Taken: Tucson, AZ, US


this is the Santa Cruz River

this is the peak that occurred in august

twenty-third 2005 the peak was around

15,000 CFS the video showing a floor

below the peak of around 12,000 USGS

during these flow events make direct

measurements with currently you see here

we have a technician is getting

equipment ready you see the weight and

spinning Coast now they lower this into

the water and they can measure the tip

they can measure the velocity of the

water and then in this information ok

there's compiled and used to determine

the model water that's falling by the

bridge nice cranking up the waiting and

the offending coach

this is just looking upstream of the


this is looking downstream the bridge

the same flow in contrasts we'd like to

bring footage in from the 999 3 flood

this is a video of the Santa Cruz River

jisang this is a 1993 flood-prone

January nineteenth nineteen ninety-three

the maximum discharge of 37,000 forms of


now this is again looking downstream you

can see

we're going to zoom in on a great

control structure that's just downstream

of the fridge you can see the kind of

rough water donor we're focusing in and

you'll see it so the rough water now

we're going to go to close close up shot

you can see that how powerful this water


but this is going over a great control

structure that's downstream the bridge

this is looking upstream the bridge in

CT scanning ways these standing waves

that are occurring or body to ten feet


and then again this is a peek around 37

pounds and this is compared to Phil

Baker just had at 15,000 in these

standing waves Warren is pronounced in

the 15,000 full

again this was done in 1993 we also made

a direct measurement where we had a

current meter and wait and we lowered it

down we've got the depths in the

velocity at this bridge we have to do

this to ensure that our rating curves

are current last thing i want to show

what's that this is the footage from the

august 05 flood you see this area

standing waves aren't very high I want

to show the 93 flood in the same area

and you can see the standing waves and

how about 10 feet tall