Flood Measurement Using ADCP (2006)

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Detailed Description

USGS employees taking flood measurements using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler.


Date Taken:

Location Taken: Tucson, AZ, US


- [Cameraman] Today's (July) 30, 2006.
         [River Flowing]


We're at the Rillito and Dodge.

We've had significantly higher flows.

You can see some high water marks here.

About three and a half to four
feet above the current level.

The time is 9:12.

I'm gonna try to get an
ADCP measurement right now.

The crew.

The equipment.

The river.

- [Cameraman 2] Fletcher's
nearing the end right here.

You can see how fast that water's moving.

It's moving pretty quick.

Fletcher kinda holding steady right there.

And as you can see

they don't have a bridge crane.

What happened to the bridge crane?

There's the ADCP again.

Once again Fletcher
Brinkerhoff in New Garland

doing a ADCP measurement.

There's Fletcher on the bridge.

And Hugh is in the vehicle
manning the laptop.