Fly Over the Seafloor of San Francisco Bay

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Detailed Description

Virtual fly-through of San Francisco Bay revealing the seafloor as if the water was drained from the Bay. The movie flies through the south and central Bay, pausing over prominent seafloor features including, large sand waves, rock pinnacles, current scour pits, as well as many human impacts on the seafloor.


Team: USGS, NOAA, California State University, Monterey Bay

Relevance: The high-resolution bathymetry data displayed in this virtual fly-through helps researchers and coastal zone managers map changes on the seafloor, determine sediment pathways, uncover shipping hazards, as well as map seafloor geology and benthic habitats.

Method: Publically available bathymetry data from various sources were imported into a Geographic Information System (GIS) and combined with onshore Digital Elevations Models (DEM's) and Digital Ortho-Photo Quads (DOQ's). The flight path and movie were created using the Fledermaus software package (QPC).

Start Year: 2009

End Year: 2009

Year Comp: 2009

Image Dimensions: 500 x 370

Date Taken:

Length: 04:04:00

Location Taken: San Francisco, CA, US