GEO XIV Plenary 2017

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This video is an invitation and introduction to the GEO XIV Plenary being held in Washington, D.C. in 2017.


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Length: 00:01:54

Location Taken: Sioux Falls, SD, US


Thanks to continued global
collaboration, we’ve seen

strong advancements in the
use of earth observations

to benefit society
this past year.

We applaud the organizing
efforts that contributed

to the success of the
GEO-XIII Plenary,

and we look to the future
with anticipation.

Announcing the host of
the thirteenth GEO plenary

The United States of America.

The United States welcomes
the international community

to Washington DC, our
capital city, and a

beautiful vantage point from
which to see more of the

varied and colorful
American landscape.

Earth observations can
reveal the vital, but

often hidden connections
between humanity and our

world. Never before has
humankind had such a

transcendent capability to
observe the Earth,

it’s impact on us,
and our impact on it.

In the United States,
our extensive observing

systems are based on a
mosaic of ground, oceanic,

aerial and satellite
based resources.

GEO strives to capitalize
on it’s strengths

and will work during the
next decade to ensure

that decision making is
increasingly informed

by earth observations.

In Washington, in 2017,
we  will gather again

as GEO to advance this
shared mission,

drawing on the collective
wisdom and accumulated

experience of the
international community.

The United States proudly
invites the GEO community

to our nation’s capital
for the 2017 GEO plenary.