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Hazards: Geomagnetic Storms

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Space weather can have important consequences for our lives, such as interference with radio communication, GPS systems, electric power grids, the operation and orientation of satellites, oil and gas drilling, and even air travel as high altitude pilots and astronauts can be subjected to enhanced levels of radiation. It is also during magnetic storms that beautiful aurora borealis — or "northern lights" — are visible at high latitudes. The USGS Geomagnetism Program monitors variations in the Earth's magnetic field through a network of 14 ground-based observatories around the United States and its territories, providing data in real-time to a variety of customers.

Video Sections:

  • What is Space Weather?
  • Discovery of the Compass
  • Start with Science
  • USGS Expertise
  • Drilling Operations and Power Grids
  • Continued Challenge




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