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Introduction to DSAS v5.0: System Requirements and Installation

Video Transcript
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Detailed Description

This video reviews the requirements and instructions for installing the Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) v5.0. For more information please visit the DSAS project page: 

The Digital Shoreline Analysis System (DSAS) is a freely available software application that works within the Esri Geographic Information System (ArcGIS) software to compute rate-of-change statistics for a time series of shoreline data. DSAS provides an automated method for establishing measurement locations, performs rate calculations, provides the statistical data necessary to assess the robustness of the rates, and includes a beta model of shoreline forecasting. 

DSAS version 5.0 (v5.0) was released in December 2018 and has been tested for compatibility with ArcGIS versions 10.4 and 10.5. It is supported on Windows 7 and Windows 10 operating systems. If you use it, please cite it as follows and note the current version:
Himmelstoss, E.A., Farris, A.S., Henderson, R.E., Kratzmann, M.G., Ergul, Ayhan, Zhang, Ouya, Zichichi, J.L., Thieler, E. R., 2018, Digital Shoreline Analysis System (version 5.0): U.S. Geological Survey software release,




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