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A 2006 memorial for former Land Imaging Program Director Jay Feuquay.


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Good morning. Ah, it’s a great crowd. Thank you all for coming. It’s my great pleasure to have the opportunity to host this occasion inrecognition of one of the  EROS family and certainly the USGS family. I want to – I want to read, for purposes of [break in audio] that we’re preparing for Jay. I want to read the message that we sent out yesterday and then perhaps add a little ad hoc commentary to that afterwards. Jay Feuquay, program coordinator of the USGS Land Remote Sensing Program, former EROS employee and good friend is bravely battling cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with him, his wife Connie, his two children, Jason and Meredith, and his entire family. [clears throat] Sorry about this. Jay worked at EROS from 1981 to 2001, during which time he made many contributions to the EROS family and mission. Jay moved to headquarters – USGS in Reston in 2001. Since then, he has continued to work to support the USGS as the lead federal agency in land remote sensing. He has represented the USGS and the Department of the Interior in negotiations with policymakers at the highest levels of the federal government and with international constituents. Jay has been a strong advocate for securing the Landsat Data Continuity Mission and in securing an operational Landsat program for decades to come. In honor of Jay Feuquay, we have convened this occasion and [break in audio] join me for a few minutes to recognize this special dedication. Now some of the ad hoc. Certainly I want to go back to Jay’s contributions to EROS. There isn’t anybody here that doesn’t remember many of the exciting and challenging and humorous good times that we all enjoyed, sometimes with Jay and sometimes at his expense. His contributions were many, from the days in the early data analysis lab when he was working with something called Pixar that I don’t think any of the rest of us ever did understand. One of the stories out of that episode was that I’m reminded by June that Jay and June had the opportunity to show up in the director’s office of [break in audio] presenting a fly-by video of the Yosemite National Park. Now, this had to be in mid-’80 sat the latest when that was a rather unusual thing. It’s a very common thing now. But I’m told that they were somewhat intimidated by the opportunity to actually present to the director of the USGS. Another characteristic of Jay was his unending enthusiasm here at the center for recognizing others. As when he hosted Mr. Lauer’s Neighborhood on the occasion on Don Lauer’s retirement. I still hear stories about that in recognition of Jay’s talent pulling that off. All the way to the many times that Jay supported the EROS family by serving as emcee, master of ceremonies, for everything from cake auctions to annual meetings to holiday parties, et  cetera. And Jay is never at a loss for words. He always had a comment for the occasion. His wit is well-recognized, and not only here at EROS, but almost every place he’s ever been. He – during the time that he was here, he had a couple of other incidents that are worth noting. He was part and parcel to a project called MAGIC, which was our first real foray into high-performance communications – high-speed communications. As a result of that project, Jay had the opportunity to, again, go to the old executive office building and present to Vice President Gore this marvelous accomplishment of transmitting data over high-speed communications, visualization over long – of image data over long [break in audio]. And that, in and of itself, but pretty remarkable. And Jay will tell you a very humorous account of that particular episode, but one thing that you might not know about is, somehow Jay wound up leaving the old executive office building with a cup and saucer with the presidential seal on it in his pocket. [laughter] Mysteriously, Jay, I suppose you don’t know how that – I think you do know how that happened. Jay has continued his contributions on a much broader scale with his move to Reston five years ago to work in the – and lead the Land Remote Sensing Program on behalf of the Bureau. And in fact, on behalf of the – he has carried the flag for Landsat and land remote sensing, and even more importantly, the responsibility for leadership in the entire field of land remote sensing and land imaging for the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Geological Survey. For those [break in audio] contributions, for his enthusiasm, his leadership, and mostly, Jay … … your friendship. We’re here to announce the designation of the USGS Landsat break in audio] as the Jay Feuquay Raydome, or Jaydome. All right. Now. Sorry about that. I do want to – I do want to now embellish that a bit with a couple of things that maybe you haven’t seen. One of the exciting visuals that we’re so good at around here is to make sure that thedome is properly captioned. In addition to the plaque that we just, um, dropped … [laughter] … we also have a label on the dome – on the door of the raydome that points it out as [break in audio] Jaydome. And, Jay, it’s pretty hard to read from here, but you’ll see it on the video. Just to make sure that when you walk by, drive by, fly by, you can point out that you have an enduring legacy at EROS. I want to go back to, a couple of other things that are a little bit of the history of Jay. Here’s an [break in audio] and you’ll recognize a couple of other folks. And we’ll leave these out for you to take a look at here for the afternoon as you want to walk by, but a number of folks, number of faces that you’ll recognize. Certainly Jay is paramount among them. This goes all the way back to the previous building when we – our lobby was somewhat different than it is now. We have another one that shows Jay in a more [break in audio] form that you also will have a chance to look at. A couple that you might not have seen, however. [laughter] Here’s one with Jay with a rose in his teeth. [laughter] Here’s one with Jay looking slightly cross-eyed. [laughter] I’m not sure where this one came from, but Jay [break in audio] close, and I suspect you will remember. Another with Jay in one of his many costumes during one of the special events that he was hosting. And here’s one that – and I’ll close with this. Here’s one that’s a little bit – I don’t know if we could – I don’t know if we could use thisin prime time, but you probably do want to take a close look to the –look at this when you have a chance. It has something to do with Jay sitting on a fountain by the side of a pool. But it really is very interesting. And Jay never lacked for taking advantage of the opportunity wherever it presented itself, so … With that, Jay, you’ll see on the video the crowd that joins us here to recognize your many accomplishments and contributions and, as I said, most of all, your friendship with all the staff here at the center. We want you back here. We want to see you again. Look forward to you getting back to say hi to all these folks in person. And hang in there, and we’re praying for you. We’re pulling for you. We’re behind you. Hang in there, guy. - Thank you all for coming.