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Who doesn't remember Flat Stanley? Well, now you can have a whole new adventure with Paper Powell! if you're a teacher or a parent, this is a fun activity to do with your kids! Heck, even adults can have fun with this one! It's been 150 years since John Wesley Powell traveled from Wyoming to the Grand it's your turn to take him on a new adventure! Print out the Paper Powell, color it, and hashtag #powell150 for a chance to be featured!

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Hey there, I'm John Wesley Powell.

A 150 years ago, I led a team of 9 people 

on a journey from Wyoming through the Grand Canyon in Arizona. 

Now it's your turn to take me on an adventure, around the globe. 

Print out my handsome-looking paper powell 

and color me however you want, 

take me somewhere exciting, snap a pic, 

and hashtag it #powell150 for a chance to be featured by the USGS 

(I ran that place, you know).