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Bored with nothing to do? Not enough “tiger” shows to watch? How about exploring something new? Try The National Map Corps!

Discover new places, learn new things along with contributing to our national mapping efforts. And, for your submissions, you will earn points toward virtual badges. What are you waiting for?


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Are you tired of moping around the house with nothing to do?

Tired of your cabinets spilling out like glue?

No more of those "tiger" shows to view?

How would you like a chance to contribute to the U.S. Topo Maps? Yes?

Then get up!

Run to your computer!

And join the National Map Corps today!

Search for a place, add or edit structures in a snap, 

And earn points for every edit on the map.

The more edits you make, the more badges you earn, all the way the up to the coveted "Squadron of Biplane Spectators!"

But wait, there's more!

Your edits will make major contributions to The National Map

USGS National Structures Database

And the official U.S. Topo Maps! 

And you may even get your 15 seconds of fame through USGS social media!

Don't delay, act now today!