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Bored with nothing to do? Not enough “tiger” shows to watch? How about exploring something new? Try The National Map Corps!

Discover new places, learn new things along with contributing to our national mapping efforts. And, for your submissions, you will earn points toward virtual badges. What are you waiting for?


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Length: 00:01:26

Location Taken: US


A man walks slowly in his house with his head hanging down.

Bowls and lids fall when the man opens a kitchen cabinet. His face is sad.

The man is laying on a couch, sad, watching TV. He perks up when asked to contribute.

Excitedly, the man gets up from the couch and runs to his computer which shows The National Map Corps website.

The website displays examples of adding and editing a map.

A dad and his daughter point at the computer, gives a thumbs up, and are excited for earning points.

Various illustrative badges appear on the screen in succession.

The man appears startled by the voice.

More website examples are shown.

The dad and daughter give each other a high-five. The words Act Now appear on-screen. The daughter smiles at the camera.