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Lake Aldwell Delta timelapse

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Detailed Description

Timelapsed photo data is sequenced at about 1 pixel-averaged frame per day, meaning that all of the images from a given day are combined, and the RGB values for a given x/y location on the image are the average of every RGB value for that location for that day. 

From 2011-2014, a team of federal, state, tribal, academic, and community partners worked to remove two large dams—the Elwha Dam and Glines Canyon Dam—on the Elwha River in Washington State that had blocked salmon and sediment passage for almost 100 years. More than 20 million tons of sediment were released–several decades' worth of accumulation–which significantly altered the river channel and floodplain. Woody debris that had been held behind the dams was dispersed along the river’s length downstream of the former reservoirs, Lake Mills and Lake Aldwell. 


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