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Landslide susceptibility map generated using RegionGrow3D

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Landslide susceptibility is commonly assessed using physics-based slope stability models. However, modeling the three-dimensional (3D) mechanics of discrete landslides, on a regional scale, remains challenging. This presentation will discuss RegionGrow3D, a new slope stability approach that models the area, volume, and location of potential landslides across broad regions. This model is paired with forensic estimates of soil shear strength to create a landslide susceptibility framework. Using this framework, rainfall and seismically induced landslide susceptibility is characterized for a study area in the Oregon Coast Range, USA.

Mathews N (2022) A regional-scale three-dimensional susceptibility model for enhanced evaluation of rainfall- and seismically induced landsliding. USGS Landslide Hazards Seminar Series, 12 January 2022.




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