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Landslides in Wyoming: Work, challenges, and case studies

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Wyoming’s diverse topography is host to a wide range of landslide types, density, and susceptibility. Landslides are common in multiple regions of the state, and several high-profile events in the past decade have damaged property, disrupted transportation corridors, and led to substantial economic loss. However, it is more common for landslides in Wyoming to remain unreported because they occur far from population centers or major infrastructure, which makes it challenging to maintain a complete and updated landslide catalog. This presentation will cover past and ongoing work by the Wyoming State Geological Survey to map, characterize, and assess the hazard of landslides within the state. The talk will also cover some of the hurdles associated with this work and will present several case studies of prominent landslides in Wyoming.

Mauch (2022) Landslides in Wyoming: Work, challenges, and case studies USGS Landslide Hazards Seminar, 16 November 2022.




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