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Lidar-Based NHD and WBD Delineation in Western Oregon

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Detailed Description

This episode features Jay Stevens (GIS Specialist BLM – Oregon/Washington) Jay presents BLM’s collaboration efforts with the Forest Service, the Oregon Department of Forestry, Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, NRCS to delineate Western Oregon with new lidar-derived NHD and WBD.

Hydrography for the Nation: The USGS manages surface water and hydrologic unit mapping for the Nation as geospatial datasets. These include the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD), Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD), and NHDPlus High Resolution (NHDPlus HR). Hydrography data are integral to a myriad of mission critical activities undertaken and managed by government entities (Federal, State, regional, county, local, Tribal), nonprofit organizations, and private companies.

Hydrography data make it possible for these groups to, for example:

  • Manage water such as stream flow and stormwater
  • Monitor, manage, and report water quality
  • Assess water availability and water rights
  • Model and map flood risk
  • Conserve terrestrial and aquatic habitats
  • Manage fisheries, rangeland, timberlands, and agricultural lands
  • Assess coastal hazards
  • Plan for future land development activities and infrastructure development
  • Manage riverine and coastal navigation and safety
  • Provide recreational opportunities for citizens

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