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Living with Fire: The USGS Southern California Wildfire Risk Project

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Detailed Description

Southern California's fire ecology is unlike that of anywhere else in the United States. Fire control strategies developed for mountain forests don't have the same results here. So can science help uncover new answers to help Southern California communities manage and live with wildfires? This 11 minute film showcases ongoing USGS research supporting agencies on the frontlines of fire management.

Like earthquakes, southern California wildfires can't be prevented -- but the risks they pose to our communities and landscapes can be managed. USGS scientists hope to increase our understanding of wildfire factors. The resulting research can assist managers and planners in finding solutions to reduce the risk of home and habitat loss -- and help southern California truly learn to live with fire.

Note: News reel footage at open of program is licensed by the UCLA Film Archive for use by USGS in this specific production only. Inquiries about the footage should go to the UCLA Film Archive. Fire footage shown is owned by Photo One Productions, Bay 6 Productions and the Orange County Fire Authority.




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