Measuring Water Quality at Vicksburg (2016 Floods)

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Measuring Water Quality at Vicksburg (2016 floods). Videographer: Alex Demas, USGS.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:03

Location Taken: Vicksburg, MS, US


Tammy Caudle: Hi, my name is Tammy Caudle, and I’m with the USGS in Ruston, Louisiana. I come over and help the guys from the USGS Mississippi District whenever they’re measuring water quality on the Mississippi River. Today we’re collecting one of our regular water quality samples, as well as a bunch of discharge measurements. I’m the “clean hands” person and this is my lab. We collect our water samples in a Teflon bag. I’ll then measure the volume of the water and conduct efficiencies to make sure we’re lowering the sampler and bringing up the samples in the right amount of time to get the right amount of water. We’ll put a good bit of the water in here and we also have sediment samples that we collect, as well as a few other things, such as DOCs and isotopes that go to different labs.