ModelMuse: Editing Multiple Objects

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In the USGS software ModelMuse, "Objects" are used to specify spatially varying data. Sometimes it is useful to be able to edit several of these objects at the same time. This video shows how.


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The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green and fade to black.
One of the useful features of ModelMuse is the ability to edit several objects at once.
I'm going demonstrate that now.
The first thing you need to do is to select several objects and you can do that in a number of different ways.
Here's one. Click on the "Select objects" button. Then drag with the mouse.
Everything inside the rectangle will become selected when you let go of the mouse.
Another way is with the lasso tool.
Click on the lasso tool.
Drag with the mouse
When you let go of the mouse, everything inside the region defined with the lasso tool will become selected.
Finally you can click on an object. Then hold down the shift key...
and click on something else and something else, something else...
something else and they will all become selected. 
If you make a mistake, and click on something you didn't mean to select, hold the shift key down and click on it again and it will become unselected. 
Now you're ready to edit the objects.
Let go of the shift key and double click on one of the objects and then do what you want.
In this case, I'm going to set the active dataset to false
Click OK.
And just to illustrate that it did indeed work, we will color the grid with the Active dataset...
and then we will undo setting the aquifer properties and you will see that it did work.
Now these objects are no longer setting the Active dataset and so the cells are active.
Now they are inactive again.
The letters "USGS" and the words "Science for a Changing World" appear in green.