Mojave Golden Eagles

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Detailed Description

This short video features incredible and graphic images and video of golden eagle prey. These birds are eating machines. USGS biologist-rock climbers install nest cameras to study the eating habits of golden eagles and their young in the Mojave Desert. This work goes towards creating a Prey Availability Habitat Model to better site green energy projects so that they will have the least impact on golden eagles. The majority of this video is Public Domain with exception to the specific shots listed as owned by the copyright holders.


Team: Todd Esque-Diego Johnson, Kathy Longshore, Olivia Niziolek, Ken Nussear, Matt Simes, Justin Streit

Date Taken:

Location Taken: Mojave Desert, NV, US

Video Credits

roduced by: USGS Office of Communications and Publishing and Western Ecological Research Center
Executive Producer: Kathy Longshore
Producer-Filmed & Edited: Stephen M. Wessells
Narrator: Justin Louis
Music & Stock Shots: Pond 5
Action Cams/nest Cams: Diego Johnson & Justin Streit