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NOAA-USGS Stepping Stones 2021 Expedition - AD

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Detailed Description

Join USGS researchers Jason Chaytor and Kira Mizell as they virtually participate in a NOAA Ocean Exploration expedition to the depths of the North Atlantic.

The 2021 North Atlantic Stepping Stones: New England and Corner Rise Seamounts expedition runs from June 30 to July 29. At-sea and shore-based science teams will study deep-water habitats in the high seas, which are among the least understood ecosystems on Earth. Researchers use remotely operated vehicles to explore seamounts (steep underwater mountains) all without getting wet! View a livestream from the expedition.

USGS scientists Jason Chaytor and Kira Mizell are the expedition’s geology science leads. From land, they will work with a team to develop the dive plans, lead and narrate the dives for a world-wide audience, and coordinate science outcomes. This video highlights the collaboration between USGS and NOAA scientists as they explore the largely unmapped seafloor.

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