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The EROS mission is to document and study changes to earth. With a vast archive of imagery from multiple sources, the EROS archive is the longest continuous record or earth's changing landscapes.


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EROS stands for Earth Resources
Observation and science.

Our mission is to document and
study changes to the Earth's

land areas, across our nation
and worldwide.

What Kind of changes?

Changes to landscape.

Changes to cities.

Changes to natural resources.

EROS is the site of a vast archive
of millions of images of the

Earth's surface. Some of those
images are aerial photographs.

But most are images acquired by
Landsat, Terra, Aqua and other satellites.

Our image collection grows larger
every day. It is the longest continuous

record of the Earth's land areas
in existence.

Scientists use these images to study
how our planet's land areas are

changing over time.

What we learn about land change
helps us understand other 

environmental changes here at home
and around the world.