Post-Wildfire Debris Flood: 2016 Fish Fire, Van Tassel Canyon, CA

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The June 2016 Fish Fire burned over 12 km^2 in Los Angeles County, California. After the fire, the USGS installed an automated rain-triggered camera and laser stage gage to monitor post-wildfire flooding and debris flow in Van Tassel Canyon near Azusa. This video shows the peak flow triggered by an intense rainstorm on January 20, 2017. The laser stage gage, which is mounted on the end of the pole, measures the elevation of the flow surface. Together, the camera and stage gage are used to estimate the discharge from the 4 km^2 burned area upstream. The elevation of this debris flow was roughly 2.5 m deep. 


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:08

Location Taken: Azusa, CA, US

Video Credits

Joel Smith, Civil Engineer, USGS


Nov. 10, 2016

Jan. 20, 2017