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PubTalk-06/2022 - Keeping Tabs on the Volcanoes of the Last Frontier

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Keeping Tabs on the Volcanoes of the Last Frontier

An Update from the Alaska Volcano Observatory

By Michelle Coombs, USGS Research Geologist 

Scientist-in-Charge, Alaska Volcano Observatory 

  • Did you know Alaska is home to the most of the Nation's active and potentially active volcanoes, with three currently erupting?
  • Eruptions in Alaska range in style and size from small events at remote volcanoes to the largest of the 20^th^ century – the Katmai-Novarupta eruption of 1912.
  • Learn how the Alaska Volcano Observatory provides warnings of hazards from eruptions – most notably volcanic ash, which poses hazards to Alaskan Communities and to aviation. 




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