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Public Lecture Series

The USGS Public Lecture Series has gone virtual! These monthly talks are intended for a general public audience that may not be familiar with the science being discussed. Our speakers are encouraged to thoroughly explain the subject matter being presented, and to define any words or terms that may be unfamiliar to those not having a background or familiarity with the material being presented.


Upcoming dates for 2022 - New start time of 6PM (PDT).

  • October 27th: Manuela Huso, Emeritus, "Blowing in the Wind- Science to Help Understand and Help Reduce Wildlife Impacts from Wind Energy."
  • November 17th: John Mola, Fort Collins Science Center, "Endangered Bumble Bees - Science on the Threats and Recovery."
  • December - No lecture. 


Upcoming dates for 2023

  • January 26th: Charles W. Mandeville - USGS Volcano Hazards, Program Coordinator.
  • February - TBD
  • March 30th: - Ilsa Kuffner, USGS St. Petersburg Coastal & Marine Science Center, "Coral reefs, climate change, and hope for the future." 
  • April 27th:  Jonathan Godt - USGS Landslides Hazards, Acting Associate Director for Natural Hazards.


For additional information OR if you would like to be added to the email notification list for future USGS Evening Public Lecture Series lectures, please email: