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PubTalk 10/2009 — Paddling for a Purpose in a Troubled Sea

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Detailed Description

Sampling the Salish Sea During Tribal Canoe Journeys

by Eric Grossman, USGS Tribal Journey Science Advisor


  • Deteriorating water quality in Puget Sound and the Strait of Georgia is causing population declines in valued species such as salmon, orcas, and a number of sea birds
  • USGS scientists and the Coast Salish Peoples are blending science and tradition to sample water quality in ancestral waters along canoe routes during annual Tribal Journeys
  • Water sampling will identify the extent and likely causes of poor water quality, possibly related to changes in land use and changing climate conditions
  • Studying Puget Sound water quality is crucial for making informed decisions about balancing the needs of coastal ecosystems and human livelihood




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