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PubTalk — Commotions in the Oceans

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Detailed Description

USGS Shipboard Research Sparked Scientific Advances

By William R. Normark, and

David W. Scholl, Marine Geologists

  • Alaskan work from the Survey's M/V Eider in the 1950's led to visualizing how great earthquakes and tsunamis originate along trenches
  • In the 1970's, researchers discovered deep-sea "black smokers" and the Survey's R/V S.P. Lee found massive sulfide deposits on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
  • USGS scientists on the R/V Farnella confirmed and mapped humongous submarine landslides off Hawaii's coasts in the 1980's
  • Extensive international Pacific Ocean expeditions of the Lee in 1982-84 yielded a rich harvest of discoveries, including sea-floor cobalt concentrations
  • Where we are heading-what are the challenges for future discoveries in the oceans?




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