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PubTalk — Sonoran Desert

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Detailed Description

Fragile Land of Extremes
A video presentation and discussion

Research Ecologists Cecil Schwalbe and Todd Esque will introduce the 2003 USGS video Sonoran Desert: Fragile Land of Extremes, present an update on recent research, and answer your questions. 

  • Learn about the fantastic biodiversity in North America's lushest desert
  • The venomous Gila Monster is turning out to be a medical miracle
  • Why is the saguaro cactus, icon of the Sonoran Dessert, going up in smoke?
  • Scientists hop to it!--to help the lowland leopard frog face the challenges of fire, flood, drought, and disease
  • What can we do about the threat posed by buffelgrass, an aggressive invasivespecies fr om Africa?




Public Domain.