Redington Stream Flow

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Detailed Description

This video shows the process of taking a stream flow measurement using a bridge crane and current meter.


Date Taken:

Length: 00:01:54

Location Taken: Tucson, AZ, US



Taking a Stream Flow Measurement

This is Emmet, Tucson Field Office Chief

This is Kurt, Hydrologic Technician

They use a AA current meter attached to a 100lb sounding weight for stabilization against the current

Using a bridget crane, they drop the meter into the water at a measured depth every 4ft along the bridge for about 40 secs.

The water fills the cups making them spin. This measures the velocity of the stream flow

Debris flowing downstream can get caught in the meter

The discharge measurement was 1790 cubic feet/sec

Video by Megan Petersen

Special Thanks: Emmet McGuire, Kurt Ehrenberg