R/V Arcticus, Vessel Launch

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Having completed the build, the R/V Arcticus is launched and is now ready for its sea trials.


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Length: 00:01:31

Location Taken: Manitowoc, WI, US


Narration for Arcticus Launch Top Story Video
4 Dec 2014 – Jean V. Adams

The US Geological Survey's new research vessel,
the Arcticus, is ready to launch!

A Travelift is moved into the construction
bay at the shipyard.

Slings are placed under the hull of the ship.

And the Arcticus is slowly lifted into the

The ship is backed out of the construction

Wow – she's a beauty.

The Arcticus is 78 feet long, 51 feet tall,
and weighs 205 tons.

She is maneuvered out to the Travelift well
and slowly lowered into the water.

The Arcticus floats, but she is slightly unbalanced
with her fuel tanks empty.

So, cement-filled barrels are placed on the
starboard side of the bow to level her.

A SCUBA diver is used to disconnect the slings

Once the Travelift is out of the way, the
ship is safely secured to the well walls.

Additional equipment is installed, including
the warp winches and net reels.

Finally, the Arcticus will undergo sea trials
on Lake Michigan to test her performance and

seaworthiness, before being delivered to the
US Geological Survey.