Serene Sirens: USGS Sea Cow Science

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Detailed Description

A USGS video about manatees reveals that while the animals may act like the cows of the sea, they also have more than a bit of the magical siren or mermaid about them.  Go for a serene swim.


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Length: 00:01:00

Location Taken: Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, FL, US

Video Credits

Writer and Camera: Nick Aumen
Special thanks to Dr. Bob Bonde, USGS and the dozens of volunteers who conduct annual manatee health assessments
"Music for Manatees" by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed CC BY 3.0


USGS researchers conduct health check-ups for population research.

Taking photos to update a "Who's Who?" catalog of the manatee world.

There are many visible scars and cuts due to boat propellers.

This one has blue paint from the bottom of a boat.

Satellite tags are used with break-away tethers.

This manatee surfaces for a breath