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Successive littoral explosions at the Puhi-o-Kalaikini ocean entry

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Detailed Description

movie captures a short period of successive littoral explosions at the Puhi-o-Kalaikini ocean entry, where lava exiting the tube enters the water. The explosions were throwing ejecta up to about 20 meters. The video was taken with a high zoom factor from the top of the sea cliff, well away from the entry point and not on the lava delta.

Lava deltas should not be walked on or approached, as they are inherently dangerous and can collapse without warning, often triggering steam explosions which can throw rocks well inland. This video from 2005 shows a lava delta that appears to be stable, but rapidly collapses, As we state in each daily update, ocean entries have resulted in many injuries and several deaths during the current eruption.




Public Domain.