Surface Tension and Water

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Surface tension performs many duties that are vitally important to the environment and people. This video briefly covers Surface tension.


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Today we’re going to be learning about Surface tension and to understand Surface Tension, we have to remember Cohesion. Cohesion means that because water molecules have a positive and negative side they attract each other… making water stick to itself.

… but the water molecules at the surface only have the water molecules below them to hold on to. Because of this the water molecules on the surface have to hold on to each other more tightly. The tighter bond between water molecules at the surface is what forms Surface Tension.

You’ll see this more clearly in the experiment that follows… You can even do this experiment along with us! All you need is a dime and a water dropper.

What your gonna do is set the dime on a flat surface and use the water dropper to place one water drop at a time on the dime until the water overflows!

You can already see how the water holds together as a rounded droplet instead of running to the edge of the dime…

How many drops do you think we can get? Lets see…

Can you get more drops on the dime than we did?

Give it a try!

The information used to make this video can be found on the USGS ‘Water Science School’ web page under ‘Water Properties’, ‘Surface Tension and Water’.