Surfing the Green Wave

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Mule deer are an important part of the Western landscape and are coveted among big-game hunters throughout the country. These animals draw outdoor enthusiasts to states, such as Wyoming, where nearly 800,000 people hunted, fished, and viewed wildlife, and contributed $1.1 billion to the state’s economy. Balancing a growing infrastructure in the west that includes housing and resource development with the conservation of wildlife migration corridors is a priority of land managers, land trust organizations and private citizens. Therefore, USGS scientists study animal movement, behavior, and population dynamics to better understand how a changing world affects mule deer populations. 


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Length: 00:01:27

Location Taken: WY, US

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Music: "A Second Coming" from Acoustic Bijou (Martin Fitzpatrick and Hillary Egna)


SURFING THE GREEN WAVE Mule deer are an important migrating big-game species in the American West.
Each spring they migrate and feed along narrow corridors where new grasses grow.
Demonstrating that migration corridors provide good habitat for foraging.
Mule deer have an uncanny ability to keep pace with the spring green-up.
This provides them the best food, when plants first sprout.
USGS researchers have dubbed this "surfing the green wave."
Migration data have been gathered from hundreds of mule deer across Wyoming.
Helping researchers and wildlife managers better understand mule deer...
And the effect development and climate change have on their migration behavior.
Conservation of migration corridors is a priority for the Department of the Interior.