Time-Lapse of Lava Lake Drop at Pu`u `Ō`ō

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Detailed Description

This Quicktime movie shows a timelapse sequence taken from the webcam on Pu‘u ‘Ō‘ō's north rim. The movie starts just after noon on August 3, with the typical westward flow of lava within the perched lava lake. Just after 2pm, breakouts start on the flank of the perched lava lake and the lake begins to drop. Remarkably, while the lake drops the circulation is maintained, until the lake finally disintegrates. By the end of the sequence, the lava lake is gone and floor has dropped about 80 meters (260 ft). Around 3:15pm, you can see a portion of the rim, at the very right end of the image, collapse into the crater.


Image Dimensions: 850 x 480

Date Taken:

Length: 00:00:33

Location Taken: HI, US