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Towards an Internet of Water: Creating a community search index for water data

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Our topic will be "Towards an Internet of Water: Creating a community search index for water data.” The presenter will be Kyle Onda, Director, Internet of Water with the Center for Geospatial Solutions, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. 


The Internet of Water (IoW) initiative proposes a federated system of data providers and consumers that are aggregated into domain-specific "hub" organizations and coordinated by a single "umbrella" organization. Data producers are to maintain ownership and control of their information and federation is intended to be cache-only in that information ownership should never be transferred if the data producer wants to maintain ownership. This use case applies to all types of water data--hydrography, hydrometric observations, hydrologic model results, water quality, hydrodynamics, etc. The Geoconnex project is about providing technical infrastructure and guidance to create an open, community-contribution model for a knowledge graph linking hydrologic features in the United States, published in accordance with Spatial Data on the Web best practices as an implementation of Internet of Water principles. In short, Geoconnex aims to make water data as easily discoverable, accessible, and usable as possible. 


  • 00:00 – Start 
  • 2:43 – Internet of Water presentation begins 
  • 30:14 – closing remarks 

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