Tsunami Preparedness in Central California, USA

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Detailed Description

Tsunamis are a constant threat to the coasts of our world. Although tsunamis are infrequent along the California coast, it is possible and necessary to prepare for potential tsunami hazards to minimize loss of life and property. Community awareness programs are important, as they strive to create an informed society by providing education and training. Information and knowledge is the key to achieving (social) change. This video about tsunami preparedness along the coast of Central California distinguishes between a local tsunami and a distant event and focuses on the specific needs of this region. It offers guidelines for correct tsunami response and community preparedness from local emergency managers, first-responders, and leading experts on tsunami hazards and warnings who have been working on ways of making the tsunami affected regions safer for the people and communities on a long-term basis.


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Length: 07:25:00

Location Taken: CA, US