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Updating NHD Infrastructure with Elevation Derived Hydrography—Alaska

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Topic: Building the infrastructure for updating the National Hydrography Datasets with Elevation-Derived Hydrography – Alaska leads the way

Presenters: Steve Aichele, Geographer, USGS User Engagement Hydrography Focus Area Lead, and Amanda Lowe, Supervisory Geographer, USGS Topographic Applied Research Section Chief

Abstract: The completion of Alaska statewide high-resolution IfSAR elevation data in 2019 created the opportunity to derive products, like hydrography. Since 2019, the USGS has been working to build the supporting infrastructure, including specifications, contracting language, and contractor understanding of requirements. Also, under development are processes for data inspection and data management, and tools for data validation, improved conflation, and updating the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) and the Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD). This presentation will describe some of the underlying documents, processes, and tools employed to facilitate elevation-derived hydrography development to update the NHD and WBD.





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