NGP Standards and Specifications

Elevation-Derived Hydrography Specifications

The USGS provides specifications, READ Rules, and additional resources for the acquisition of elevation-derived hydrography (EDH) from distributed 3DEP products for inclusion in the National Hydrography Dataset.

Elevation-Derived Hydrography Acquisition Specifications

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Elevation-Derived Hydrography—READ Rules

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Silvia Terziotti

National Map Liaison for NC, SC, VA
NGP User Engagement Office
Phone: 919-571-4090

Christy-Ann M Archuleta

Elevation-derived Hydrography Applied Researcher
National Geospatial Technical Operations Center
Phone: 573-308-3574

National Hydrography Support

Support for NHD, WBD, & NHDPlus HR
National Geospatial Program (NGP)